How to Join RiversEdge

It's easy to join RiversEdge!  Just come to one of our meetings and we'll be delighted to tell you about the club and show you what we do.

Even if you haven't decided yet about joining, you can get onto our mailing list by joining our meetup group. There is no charge to do this, and as a member of the meetup group you will be notified by e-mail about future club meetings and other events.

You will need to join the club as a dues-paying member before participating as a photographer in one of our photo shoots.

Making payments

Membership and other club payments can be made by cash or check at a meeting, or you can use PayPal. To use PayPal, just enter the amount of your payment into the text field below and then click the "Pay Now" button. You will be directed to the secure Paypal screen to finish your transaction.

Enter amount:

A note about camera equipment

To shoot in the club's studio photography events, you will want to have a camera with an industry-standard "hot shoe" flash connection.  The hot shoe is very important because it is used to synchronize with the studio lighting equipment.

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